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How to clean stains off your car seats?

By, 2021-12-28


People usually eat and drink while they are in the car and that causes a lot of stains that are hard to be removed later on.

It is necessary to clean inside and outside the car regularly, as the stains on your car seats may cause harmful things such as bacteria and insects that can attach on the car seat. Experts advise everyone to stop eating and drinking in the car.


Here are the best simple ways to clean the stains off on your car seats:


  1. Cleaning the dust from the car

The most important step to clean the car from the inside is to clean the dust by using clean cloth or vacuum cleaner.


  1. Cleaning the stains off the car seats

To scrub away the stains off the car seats, you can mix cold water and white vinegar together appropriately, then bring a clean cloth and put it in the mixture and spray it on the stain and leave it for at least 10 minutes.

Until vinegar permeates the fabric and remove the stain, then bring another piece of clean cloth, put a little cold water on it, wipe the stain to remove the vinegar and the entire stain, then use paper towels to soak up the water as much as possible.


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There are many types of stains that can attach on your car, and we explain here how to clean these stains:


- If the stain contains oils or milk, it is preferable to put a little ammonia solution and mix it with some water.


- If there is vomit on the car seats, wipe it quickly, then put a little warm water on the stain, and wipe the stain with soap and water to get rid of any odors left on the car seats.


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-  If there is blood on the car seats, you can wipe it by using a wet towel with cold water and laundry detergent. It is preferable to spray on the stain more than one time to clean the stain. Experts recommend you to stay away from using hot water and scrubbing the stain in this case.


- If there are any greasy stains on the car seats, you can use the laundry detergent by mixing it with lukewarm water and then scrubbing the stain. If you want to clean the seats just for cleaning, you can use the detergent that dedicated to this matter, which are located in the specialized cars shops or in fuel stores.


Indeed, experts recommend you not to eat and drink in the car, and to clean the car regularly. In addition to clean the seats immediately after spilling anything on it in order not to accumulate bacteria and insects on the stains seats.


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