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Toyota unveils its largest and most advanced family car

By, 2022-01-31


Toyota has officially revealed the all-new Sequoia 2023, which is designed to provide great comfort and excellent safety features for passengers.


The new vehicle comes with a large chassis with a length of approximately 5 meters and 20 cm, its front facade is similar to the facades of the latest Tundra cars, and it weighs more than 4 tons, and is equipped with 20-inch wide wheels and special suspension systems that enable the car to move smoothly even on the most bumpy roads.



The vehicle is equipped with three rows of seats that can accommodate seven passengers, and the driving interface is equipped with a sophisticated 14-inch screen that can be used to watch TV channels, and a wireless charging system for phones, and the doors and interior facades have distinctive lighting systems.



Toyota provided its new car with safety airbags to protect all passengers during accidents, a blind spot system, an automatic lane control system on the highways, advanced systems that automatically control the brakes in emergency cases, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and cameras that monitor the entire perimeter of the car.



The new Sequoia models will work with several types of engines, including a 3.4-liter PS V6 engine, a hybrid engine that generates 443 horsepower of torque, and ten-speed automatic gearboxes.

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